Softube Modular Patching Sessions

Watch me patching (no talking) in Softube Modular. The first few seconds you can see the final result and then you can see me creating the patch. I also make heavy useage of third party plugins as insert effects. Sometimes I'm using my Korg SQ-1 as a Sequencer.

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More Video Playlists

A view more video playlist from my YouTube channel.

Ambient Music

Here you can find some ambient music and ambient patches I made.

Hardware used

See me using my hardware like the Korg Volca Modular, Korg SQ-1, Behringer Neutron or my Eurorack.

Neutron Sessions

Here you can see me using my Behringer Neutron, sometimes with the Korg SQ-1.


Latest Bandcamp Track:


My current Eurorack consists of:

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